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HFTIC 001| Trauma Informed Care Model for Offender Populations Applying a Trauma Focused Intervention Model to Offender Populations


Presentation Overview       

Of the millions of youth who come into contact with the justice system every year, and the thousands who will enter some type of diversion program or community-based program, few will be screened for trauma-related symptoms or provided with evidenced-based mental health supports at their point of entry into the program.  

This training provides participants with the tools to assist clients in making positive lifestyle choices not only to develop a law abiding life, but developing a healthy, self-sustaining existence that will lead to increased productivity.

The facilitator will discuss evidence-based research and the positive impact of implementing a trauma informed model.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Exploring research supporting a trauma informed model  
  • Identifying the positive impact of implementing a trauma informed model
  • Sharing effective behavioral change strategies for implementation in correctional organizations



New York State should pass legislation to raise the age of adult criminal responsibility from 16 to 18 so that youth who are charged with a crime are treated in more age appropriate manner.


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