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HPCP 002| Change is Possible 

Skill Building in Helping People Change: Intermediate Level Motivational Interviewing

Workshop Overview

An increasing number of clinicians are familiar with stages of change work and motivational enhancement models and strategies. They embrace motivational interviewing, stages of change and other models that emphasize individualized treatment, person-centered care and empowerment of individuals. However, skills and services still limit how well many of the concepts are implemented in the "real clinical world." 

This workshop is designed to increase clinicians' skills in engaging clients into treatment and in helping people change. Building on initial understanding and awareness of stages of change principles and practices, this workshop provides the opportunity to improve skills in building motivation for change and strengthening commitment to change. 

Reference will also be made to the principles of Motivational Interviewing; small and large group exercises will allow participants to practice techniques and strategies to implement those principles. The workshop will encourage discussion and consultation concerning difficult dilemmas and case presentations. 

Workshop Objectives:

  • Briefly review key concepts about Motivational Interviewing and models of stages of change.
  • Discuss stage-wise practice, strength-based assessment and service planning.
  • Apply skills to strengthen commitment to change and develop individualized service plans.


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