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Who We Are

H.E.A.R.T. (Helping Empower At-Risk Teens) Foundation is a community-based organization that supports and strengthens the quality of life for young people, families and communities. 

Founded in 2008, HEART offers clients a continuum of care to address behavioral, emotional, academic and social challenges with a full range of counseling, vocational and supportive services. HEART empowers healing building upon strengths in a supportive, compassionate environment promoting that change is possible. 

Mission Statement

To provide help, hope and a healing environment, empowering young people and families to succeed in the community and in life.

This new statement more than acknowledges our belief that youth are influenced by the family and environment in which they live, and accurately reflects our methodology of focusing on the holistic development of youth and support systems for their families and communities. It also reflects our perspective of promoting wellness and the healthy development of psychological, social, cognitive, and physical growth.


To be the model of excellence for community-based mental health and evidenced-based supports in urban communities, leading to sustainable success in the communities we serve.

Being the model of excellence in our profession is intentionally bold and purposeful language. It asserts that our work is both exceptional and pioneering, that our practices have been proven successful and are worthy of emulation by others- and potentially being replicated beyond our current service areas.


HEART Foundation exists to close the achievement gap created by trauma, poverty and out-of-home placement, by partnering with youth and families in urban communities to support social well-being.


  • Exceed Expectations - whatever the client expects to achieve with their relationship with HEART Foundation and thus whatever we expect of ourselves must be considered the minimum requirement.
  • Help Team Members Succeed - healthy competition to be the best is encouraged among staff however it is also expected staff will unselfishly support one another in the drive to succeed.
  • Promote Honesty & Integrity - no level of success is worthy of a compromise in integrity or honesty. Staff are not only expected to conduct themselves in such a manner but also to promote the highest level of both among their peers and subordinates. 
  • Continuous Improvement in All Respects - at no time will expectations be lowered.  It is only through relentlessly setting the bar higher that performance will be continuously improved. 
  • Change with Purpose - change must be embraced but with purpose and definition that directly connect with the overall company objectives.  
  • Make an Impact - every staff member must strive to make a positive impact in how they perform and the results that they achieve.  It is also expected that staff apply this same principal in their private lives. 
  • Manage Resources Wisely - organizational resources must be managed conservatively and with purpose. Every dollar invested in HEART Foundation represents an investment in the community, family and youth we serve.  This applies to utilization of staff time and talent, physical resources and anything that is purchased or donated to serve this community. Value must be maximized.



New York State should pass legislation to raise the age of adult criminal responsibility from 16 to 18 so that youth who are charged with a crime are treated in more age appropriate manner.


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